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The Barney Boogie is the thirteenth US studio album from Barney, released on CD and cassette on March 9, 2004 under Koch Records and HIT Entertainment.

It was released the same day as the home video, Movin' and Groovin' and shares the name of the song of the same name, which is the first song on the album.

Following the release of The Barney Boogie, a spanish language version, titled El Barney Boogie was released on December 1, 2007. Unlike it's english counterpart, the songs were taken from other episodes and home videos.

The Barney Boogie was later released in Malaysia in 2008 by HIT Entertainment and Berjaya HVN, celebrating Barney's 20th Anniversary.

On April 10, 2020, the album was transferred to Warner Music Group's Arts Music division, along with other Barney albums, as Mattel entered into an exclusive, multi-year global music licensing agreement between the company, announced on May 1, 2020.[2]

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Barney Boogie" Paul Loomis 2:10
2. "Find the Numbers in Your House" Angelo Natalie 2:12
3. "Our Friend Barney Had a Band" Traditional 1:26
4. "Indoor/Outdoor Voices" Philip Parker 1:43
5. "Old King Cole" Traditional 1:41
6. "Nursery Rhyme Medley ("Mary Had a Little Lamb"/"Hickory Dickory Dock"/"Pat-A-Cake"/"Jack and Jill"/This Little Piggy") Traditional 4:37
7. "The Airplane Song" Parker 1:44
8. "Mr. Knickerbocker" Traditional 1:28
9. "We Like Trucks" John Marsden 2:45
10. "Make Way for the Truck" Willy Welch 1:29
11. "The Dino Dance" Joseph Phillips 3:25
12. "Rock Like a Monkey" Phillips 2:32
13. "I Love You" Lee Bernstein • Traditional 3:25
Total length: 28:13


Credits for adapted from the CD pamphlet and AllMusic.

Managerial and creative


Visuals and imagery

  • Brian Neece - package designer



  • Pat Sellers - mix engineer

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Various March 9, 2004 Cassette • CD HIT • Koch
Malaysia 2008 CD HIT • HVN
Various November 23, 2011[3] digital download HIT
April 22, 2020[4] digital download • streaming Arts • Mattel


  • The front cover of this album is the same as the front cover of Movin' and Groovin.
  • This album was released in the UK as a bonus CD on the UK DVD, Riff's Musical Zoo.
  • The arrangement of "Nursery Rhyme Medley" is taken from Barney Rocks!. The difference is that the track is now dubbed with Dean Wendt's Barney voice instead of Duncan Brannan's. Also, the vocals from Baby Bop and BJ are removed.
  • Despite not appearing in this album, Julie Johnson and Patty Wirtz are credited for their roles as Baby Bop and BJ respectively in the CD pamphlet of the album. Baby Bop can be seen on the back cover however.

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