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The Elves and the Shoemaker is a children's story/fairy tale story that first appeared in "If the Shoe Fits....".

Children's Story Used In...[]

  1. If the Shoe Fits...
  2. Once Upon a Fairy Tale
  3. Best Fairy Tales (Scene Taken from: Once Upon a Fairy Tale)
  4. Most Loveable Moments (Episode Featured: Once Upon a Fairy Tale)


If the Shoe Fits[]

Once Upon A Fairy Tale[]


Once there was a shoemaker who was very nice and worked very hard. But one day, he was sad. He only had enough leather to make one more pair of shoes. The next morning, much to his surprise, he found a pair of shoes. Someone had already made them! The shoes were so special, the customer gave the shoemaker enough money to buy leather for two more pairs of shoes. So that night, he laid out the two pieces of leather. And the next morning, the shoemaker found two pairs of beautiful shoes on his bench. The same thing happened again and again every morning. The shoemaker carefully studied the shoes and little by little, he learned to make shoes that were almost as beautiful as the one he found every morning. One night, the shoemaker and his wife stayed up very late to see who was making the shoes for them. They saw two elves dressed in old tattered clothing happily making new shoes. So the shoemaker and his wife worked together to make the elves beautiful new clothes. That night, they left the clothes out for the elves. When the elves put on their new clothes, they jumped for joy because it was just what they needed. Now everyone was happy. The end!