Barney Songs
The Exercise Song
Written by Philip Parker
Usage 1992-2005
The Clapping Song
Move Your Body

The Exercise Song is a Barney song that first appeared in "Hop To It!". It uses the same tune as "The Other Day I Met a Bear".


I exercise. (I exercise)
It's good for me. (It's good for me)
It makes me strong (It makes me strong)
as you can see. (As you can see)
I exercise. It's good for me.
It makes me strong as you can see.
I touch my knees, (I touch my knees)
I touch my toes. (I touch my toes)
I reach up high (I reach up high)
and I will grow. (And I will grow)
I touch my knees, I touch my toes.
I reach up high and I will grow.
I lift my legs, (I lift my legs)
I run in place. (I run in place)
And keep a smile (And keep a smile)
upon my face. (Upon my face)
I lift my legs, I run in place.
And keep a smile upon my face.
I move my arms (I move my arms)
around and round. (Around and round)
I think I might (I think I might)
fly off the ground. (Fly off the ground)
I move my arms around and round.
I think I might fly off the ground.
I'm nearly done. (I'm nearly done)
I have to hustle. (I have to hustle)
But not before (But not before)
I show my muscle. (I show my muscle)
I'm nearly done. I have to hustle.
But not before I show my muscle.

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