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The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs is a fairy tale story that appeared in It's Time for Counting.


There once lived a farmer and his wife, they always shared everything with the neighbors, and the neighbors shared their crops back, one day, a goose wanders on to the farmyard and makes her home on the farm. The next morning, the farmer's wife discovers that the goose laid 7 golden eggs, making them rich, wealthy and selfish, they rush off to tell everyone in town, but the goose decides to leave and take her eggs with her. When the farmer and his wife return, they find that the goose is gone and she took her eggs with her. In the end, they discover that they should never of been selfish in the first place and shared the eggs with the neighbors. 


It's Time for Counting[]

  • Farmer's Wife -Kim


  • In the original ending of the story, the goose was killed because the farmer and his wife were so greedy they wanted to get the gold from inside of her, however, the greedy pair, were hoping to become rich and wealthy at once deprived themselves of the gain of what they were assured of every day. This ending was not included in the version featured in It's Time for Counting, possibly because of the gruesome nature.
  • In some versions, the goose is changed to a hen.