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The Lyons Group (alternatively known through copyright and trademark as Lyons Partnership L.P.) was a video production group founded in 1988. Currently retaining ownership through copyright, it produced Barney & The Backyard Gang alongside its successor Barney & Friends.



The Lyons Group traces its origins to when Sheryl Leach proposed a preschool video series, which eventually would be Barney & The Backyard Gang, to DLM, Inc (Developmental Learning Materials). At the time Sheryl Leach was working at DLM, Inc. as a writer. The board she proposed to turned her down. Owner of DLM, Inc., Richard C. Leach, who was Sheryl's father-in-law, agreed to back her with the project with $700,000 of his own money,[8] but $1 million in total was provided for the video project.[5] The Lyons Group was formed by Richard C. Leach under DLM, Inc., to help market Barney.[5] The company was named after Richard's mother,[9] Bernice Lyons Leach.[10]

Ownership & Copyright

DLM, Inc. changed its name to RCL Enterprises, Inc. in 1992 due to it divesting itself of Developmental Learning Materials and selling ts instructional materials to Macmillian/McGraw Hill and its assessment materials to Riverside Publishing, a subsidiary of Houghton Mifflin.[10] Around this time The Lyons Group began using their alternative name, Lyons Partnership, L.P. through copyright and trademark, which continues to be used today. In 1994, RCL Enterprises, Inc. was moved to its parent company, Lyrick Corporation. Lyrick Corporation formed the subsidiary Lyrick Studios which held the Lyons Group unit.


In the first three Backyard Gang videos, the backing music was a track of a toy piano playing the first three notes of "I Love You" with the voice of Sandy Duncan saying "Love you!," whilst in Waiting for SantaCampfire Sing-Along, and Barney Goes to School, the track changed to a synthesizer piano and a synthesized French Horn track.



  • The Lyons Group original headquarters was 300 East Bethany Road Allen, Texas 75002 United States, as mentioned in a few Barney & The Backyard Gang videos, but eventually moved to Richardson, Texas.
  • "The Lyons Group" logo was last seen in 1991 at the end of Rock With Barney, the final Barney & The Backyard Gang video. The name continued to be used in the end credits for its successor Barney & Friends until season eleven in 2007 while the name was also used on VHS titles until 1998.