The Lyons Group was a video production group founded in 1988. It produced, as well as handled distribution of Barney and the Backyard Gang, the predecessor to the popular Barney & Friends

Company History

The Lyons Group was originally a division of DLM (Developmental Learning Materials), a company owned by Richard C. Leach. Once Barney became successful, Lyons became its own company and began using the alternative name, Lyons Partnership L.P. The name "The Lyons Group" was short lived, only lasting until 1991.

In 1991, the company later produced and distributed Barney & Friends and other television shows under the new name "Lyrick Studios". In 2001, the company was later bought by HIT Entertainment (however it is under copyright holders, such as the older Lyons Partnership).

Logo History

In the first three Backyard Gang videos, the backing music was a track of a toy piano playing the first three notes of "I Love You," whilst in Waiting for SantaCampfire Sing-Along, and Barney Goes to School, the track changed to a synthesizer piano and a synthesized French Horn track.


The Lyons Group Logo (1988-1989)

The Lyons Group Logo (1988-1989)

1st logo

The Lyons Group-0

The Lyons Group-0

2nd logo

The Lyons Group Logo (Widescreen)

The Lyons Group Logo (Widescreen)

Widescreen version

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