Barney Songs
The N Game
Written by Philip Parker
Usage 1992-1999
Frosting the Cake
Alphabet Soup

"The N Game" is an original Barney song that first appeared in "Alphabet Soup!". It uses the same tune as I Can Laugh, My Family's Just Right For Me, The Clapping Song, and The T Game.


Can you think of a word that starts with an "N"
That rhymes with the word I say?
If you know a few words that begin with "N",
Then I think we're ready to play.
Here it goes! Ice. (N-N-N-N-Nice)
Pail. (N-N-N-N-Nail)
Pickle. (N-N-N-N-Nickel)
Hose. (N-N-N-N-Nose.)
Can you think of other words that start with an "N"
That rhyme with the word I say?
If you know some more words beginning with "N",
Then let's continue to play.
Here we go now. Game. (N-N-N-N-Name)
Best. (N-N-N-N-Nest)
Tap. (N-N-N-N-Nap)
Light. (N-N-N-N-Night)
Well, that was fun and you've known a lot
Of words that begin with "N".
If we're ever just looking for something to do,
We should play this game again.
Last time now. Ice. (Nice)
Pail. (Nail)
Pickle. (Nickel)
Hmmm... Hose. (Nose)
Game. (Name)
Fun. (None)
We're all done!

Barney Song Used In...

  1. Alphabet Soup!
  2. What's In A Name?
  3. Grandparents Are Grand (1999)
  4. A to Z with Barney (Episode Featured: What's In A Name?)
  5. Barney's Learning Round-Up (Episode Featured: What's In A Name?)
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