Barney pear
The The One and Only, One of a Kind Higgledy Piggledy Pear Tree is an original Barney story that first appeared in "Barney's Jungle Friends".


Once, there was a very special tree. It had beautiful branches and leaves and at the very top there was a great big juicy Higgledy Piggledy Pear. It was delicious!

But when people climbed up to get it, they broke the tree. Not many people have heard of this tree before. To keep it safe, Mother Nature planted a magic garden that grew around it till The Higgledy Piggledy Tree was hidden deep in a rainforest. They say it's pretty hard to find.

Barney Story Used In...

  1. Barney's Jungle Friends
  2. Home Sweet Earth: The Rainforest (A shortened version of Barney's Jungle Friends)
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