The middle section of the Park.

The Park was the location that Barney and his friends inhabited from Season 7 until Season 14. Contrasting with more traditional Barney settings, more people are seen in the park instead of the inhabitants simply being Barney and the children.

The Park

The Park has a playground with swings and a slide. There is also a gazebo where dinosaurs and children alike can put on performances, a shed where Mr. Boyd formerly worked, and a pond.

The Park also has an "idea bench", a type of spinning bench in the park where the kids sit if they want to go around or think of an idea. The idea bench also has its own song dedicated to it.

The Park at night.

The Caboose

In the back of the Park is a large red caboose. The Caboose is a sort of replacement for the treehouse, as this is where many inside interactions occur.

The Caboose has couches so the kids can sit and read, as well as a small library. There's even a stage in the caboose (with curtains) so more shows can be put on. In edition to this, there are lots of toys and arts and crafts.The Caboose also has a look out to see who is coming by.

Set Renovations

Barney and friends perform in front of the Caboose.

  • In Season 10 the, Caboose was renovated. The gazebo roof was taken off and inside the caboose itself, a closet was added.
  • The Closet is where Barney's friends appear from or leave to. It also allows others to come through, such as Mother Goose, or when Barney & Melanie went inside to Santa's workshop (A Visit to Santa).
  • "Magical Musical Stepping Stones" were added, and each of the stepping stones light up.
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