Are You Sleeping from On Again, Off Again

The Princess and the Pea is a children's story/fairy tale story that was written by Hans Christian Andersen. It was first published on May 8, 1835. In the Barney franchise, it only appeared in "On Again, Off Again". In that episode in the Barney franchise, Barney told Baby Bop and her teddy bear a story about it.


Once upon a time, a handsome prince met a beautiful princess and wanted to married, but the King and Queen were worried because they're having an argument. The Queen wanted her son to merry a real princess what if she's only pretending. The King ask her that is there other way to do if Lady Sarah is a real princess. The Queen told him that she heard that real princesses cannot sleep in a lumpy bed, but the King told her that the beds in the castle are not lumpy. The Queen told him that this is how she can test Lady Sarah. She'll put this pea under 3 mattress on the bed, and the King will put 2 more mattresses on top of it. Then the Queen put the pea under the mattress on the bed, and the King put 1 more mattress on top of it. Then The King said "1 extra mattress is on, and another extra mattress is on. He counts 3 mattresses on the bed on top of the pea. Then the Queen said "". The Queen knew if Lady Sarah is a real princess,


  • Barney - Narrator
  • Nick - The Prince (also known as "The Royal Brother")
  • Sarah - The Princess/The Royal Lady (also known as "The Royal Sister")
  • Mario - The King (also known as "The Royal Father")
  • Beth - The Queen (also known as "The Royal Mother")

Children's Story Used In...

  1. On Again, Off Again (2003)


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