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The Sleeping Princess is a song that first appeared in Barney's Sleepytime Songs. However, its first appearance in the main series was in "Barney's Adventure Bus". It is in-tuned to the song "London Bridge is Falling Down".


There was a pretty princess.
A princess, a princess.
There was a pretty princess long ago.
A spell was cast upon her.
Upon her, upon her.
A spell was cast upon her long ago.
The castle was enchanted.
Enchanted, enchanted.
The castle was enchanted long ago.
A hundred years she slept there.
She slept there, she slept there.
A hundred years she slept there long ago.
The thorns grew thick around it.
Around it, around it.
The thorns grew thick around it long ago.
A handsome prince came riding.
Came riding, came riding.
A handsome prince came riding long ago.
He woke the pretty princess.
The princess, the princess.
He woke the pretty princess long ago.
They had a royal wedding.
A wedding, a wedding.
They had a royal wedding long ago.
They lived their lives together.
Together, together.
They lived their lives together long ago.

Song Used In...

  1. Barney's Sleepytime Songs
  2. Barney's Adventure Bus
  3. Trading Places
  4. Stick with Imagination!
  5. It's Showtime!
  6. Most Loveable Moments (Episode Featured: It's Showtime!)