The Family Quilt

The Story Quilt is an original Barney story that was only told in It's Tradition.


The little girl's mother made the quilt for her to keep her warm when the cold winter winds blew. First she stitched a white snowflake taken from grandmother's soft flannel gown. Then she stitched a pretty pink flower taken from big sister's old skirt. The flower looked just like the ones growing in the garden. Next she stitched a bright bluebird taken from father's worn work shirt. The bird looked just like the one that sang outside the little girl's window every morning. And she even stitched a brilliant yellow star taken from the little girl's favorite dress, which was too small for her to wear now. And finally the little girl's mother stitched a warm red heart taken from her apron to remind the little girl how much she loved her. And the little girl loved the quilt and she wrapped it tight around her when she was cold and it kept her warm.

Now as the little girl grew tall, the quilt grew small so she folded it neatly and stored it in her trunk in the attic. And as time passed, she forgot all about the quilt and the little girl grew into a woman, married, and had a daughter of her own.

Then one night, as the cold winter wind blew, her daughter asked her for a blanket to keep her warm and the woman remembered the quilt. She went to the attic with the old trunk restored and found the quilt. As she pulled it out, she saw the soft white snowflake, the pretty pink flower, the bright bluebird, the brilliant yellow star and the warm red heart. The woman wrapped the quilt tightly around her daughter and with it, she wrapped her in the love of her family. And the little girl loved the quilt.