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The Turnip is a Russian folktale that was only heard in the Bedtime with Barney radio show and It's Time For Counting.


One day, the farmer plants a turnip seed and he waters it. The turnip grows to be very big he needs his wife, son, dog, and cat to help pull it out. The mouse is seen scurrying through the farmyard and she helps pull the turnip out too. The turnip finally comes out of the ground.


It's Time for Counting[]


  • It is unknown what the picture on the cover of the book looked like but the book is big, and green.
  • When Kristen wonder what the number 6 has to do with the story it takes 6 people to try and pull the Turnip out of the ground.
  • The Turnip is among the list of stories that Stella the Storyteller read at the library to try and find new stories to tell children.