The Wiggles original lineup: Greg Page, Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook, and Anthony Field

The Wiggles are a group of Australian children's entertainers formed in 1991. The group originally consisted of lead singer Greg Page (born January 16, 1972), lead guitarist Murray Cook (born June 30, 1960), keyboardist Jeff Fatt (born July 21, 1953), and drummer Anthony Field (born May 8, 1963), each distinguishable from the color of his shirt. They toured with Barney on his second national tour in 2000 and made an appearance with him on the Today Show to promote their involvement with First Book, a program responsible for the provision of new books to children of low-income families. Some of their songs also appeared in Barney Videos as previews and music videos as a way to expand their exposure to American audiences.

Barney & The Wiggles

Barney with Murray & Anthony Wiggle

Songs Used as Music Videos in some Barney Home Videos


  • Barney's Musical Castle is the only Barney home video to feature more than one Wiggles song in the previews; all of the Wiggles songs featured in that video are from the "The Wiggly Big Show" portion of Wiggle Time!.
    • Also, unlike all of the other Barney videos that feature a Wiggles song, all three songs come after the main presentation itself and even before the last set of previews after the video.


The Wiggles on NBC Today (2001) ft

The Wiggles on NBC Today (2001) ft. Barney!

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