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Tiffany McDonald (born August 20, 1975 in Dallas, Texas as Tiffany McEvers) is an American actress. McDonald portrayed the role of "Rancher Samantha" in the episode "Trail Boss Barney" on Barney & Friends.

Life and Career


Tiffany Dawn McDonald was born in Dallas, Texas, the oldest of two children of Roger and Carol McDonald. At an early age, Tiffany became enthralled with performing, specifically obsessed with puppet shows, lip-syncing, dance and theater. After college, she married and started a family, and in her late twenties she decided to begin her acting career. She landed her first on screen role as the singing and dancing cowpoke, Samantha, on Barney & Friends. Among other rubric roles, Tiffany appeared on ABC's drama The Deep End as one of Sterlings high end attorneys and in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 as a insouciant bridesmaid. These days, she splits her time between producing and acting..[1]

Personal Life

McDonald was married to Michael Paul McEvers on February 18, 1995. The couple had two children but later divorced June 24, 2014. McDonald is currently married to Brett Bentman as of February 22, 2018.


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