Tim Dever (born July 10, 1969 in Silver Spring, Maryland) is an actor who voiced as Barney in nine home videos as his speaking voice and Duncan Brannan as his singing voice.

Voice roles (as Barney)

  1. Super Singing Circus (Speaking only)
  2. Come On Over To Barney's House (Speaking only)
  3. Barney's Dino Dancin' Tunes (Speaking only in new footage)
  4. Be My Valentine Love, Barney (Speaking only)
  5. Let's Go to the Zoo (Speaking only)
  6. Barney's Pajama Party (Entire role in the new content)
  7. You Can Be Anything (Speaking only)
  8. Barney's Beach Party (a.k.a. Let's Go to the Beach) (Speaking only)
  9. Round and Round We Go (a.k.a. Fun on Wheels) (Speaking only)
  10. Barney's Christmas Star (Entire role)


  • The only Barney live show where he did is for speaking only and for some singing is Barney's Zoo Tour.


  • Dever's voice for Barney sounds similar to Duncan Brannan's, but deeper (not to the same extent as Bob West).
  • According to an interview with Dean Wendt, the creators of Barney were not too happy with Dever as the voice of the purple dinosaur. So, they hired Dean Wendt as the new voice of Barney.