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Tony Marino is a character who appeared in Seasons 7-8 of Barney & Friends. He was portrayed by Zachary Fountain.

About Tony[]

  • He lives with his mom and his dad, and he has a dog named Ginger.
  • In "Who's Your Neighbor?", it is revealed that he has an uncle who works as a firefighter.


  1. Up, Down and Around! (first appearance)
  2. Puppy Love
  3. Red, Yellow and Blue!
  4. Numbers! Numbers!
  5. Play It Safe!
  6. BJ's Really Cool House
  7. Here Kitty, Kitty!
  8. A Perfectly Purple Day
  9. Who's Your Neighbor?
  10. It's Your Birthday, Barney!
  11. At Home in the Park (final appearance)


  1. Barney's Park Tour



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