Barney & Friends Episode
Trading Places
Season 5, Episode 2



Air date November 3, 1998
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Coping with Jealousy
Being Yourself
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"Trading Places" is the second episode from the fifth season of Barney & Friends


Baby Bop and BJ are jealous of each other's lives, and they are quickly taught a valuable lesson when they decide to switch identities for a day. At first, each is thrilled to have the other's life; BJ enjoys the lack of responsibility brought on by being a toddler and Baby Bop likes the respect she is afforded through her added years. But as the day progresses, each learns to appreciate who they really are and wants things back the way they were. The children each share a similar emotion when they begin to envy something about one of their friends. Everyone gains wisdom when Stella shares Aesop's fable "The Dog and his Shadow." BJ, Baby Bop, and the children all learn to appreciate what they have and realize they are all special just the way they are.

Stories: The Dog and his Shadow / The Sleeping Princess


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. If All the Raindrops
  3. BJ and Baby Bop Medley: BJ's Song / My Yellow Blankey
  4. Jungle Adventure
  5. The Sleeping Princess
  6. All The Pretty Little Ponies
  7. By Myself
  8. I Love You



BJ in a tutu and tiara with Baby Bop's blankey

  • In this episode, the song, "By Myself" receives a totally different instrumental rendition, switching the original pop arrangement to a ragtime arrangement. This arrangement is to this day the current arrangement for that song.
  • This is another time something happens to the Barney doll before coming to life. It was when Stephen accidentally threw Barney, thinking he was throwing a football.
  • This group (Jeff, Keesha, Kristen and Stephen) also appeared in Be My Valentine, Love Barney (with Jill).
  • This episode aired the same day that Barney's Good, Clean Fun! / Barney's Oh, Brother...She's My Sister was released.

International Edits

  • In some international versions, this episode was shortened.
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