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Twinken, The Dream Maker is a small koala-like extraterrestrial creature who only appears in Barney's Great Adventure and its subsequent tie-in books. Twinken is voiced by James LeBrecht.


According to an ancient prophecy book owned by Miss Goldfinch, Twinken is a Dream Maker, a being that comes to Earth every 1,000 years to help those on Earth to visualize their dreams. A Dream Maker starts life as an egg with grayish-blue colors, and over time, the egg's colored rings begin to change into bright neon colors. After the change is complete, the egg will not hatch until it is placed in the exact location where it first landed (in this instance, the barn belonging to Abby and Cody's grandparents).

As a Dream Maker, Twinken's purpose is to show the children of the world their dreams more clearly, the first of which is Abby. He also reveals Barney's dream and is the only one in the movie to witness his dissolving back into his doll form (albeit offscreen, since Barney turning back into a doll is always offscreen).

While Twinken doesn't speak any sort of language, he can understand others and can communicate with "ooh's", "aah's", "hmm's", and giggles.



  • The backcards of several boxes of Twinken merchandise mention that he comes from "The Land of Nod".
  • To date, Twinken is the only character to witness Barney dissolving back into his doll form.
  • Even though Fig says the movie's last line, "Barney!", Twinken closes the film by cooing and winking at the viewers before the screen fades to black.