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Un Gran Día para Aprender
Soundtrack album
Released December 1, 2003
Length 30:32
Label HIT • Universal •
Produced by Dennis DeShazer (exec.)
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Barney y su Mundo de Colores

Un Gran Día para Aprender is the eleventh Spanish album from Barney, released on December 1, 2003 under HIT Entertainment and Universal Music Argentina.

On April 10, 2020, the album was transferred to Warner Music Group's Arts Music division, along with other Barney albums, as Mattel entered into an exclusive, multi-year global music licensing agreement between the company, announced on May 1, 2020.[1]

Un Gran Día para Aprender is the Spanish version of Barney's A Great Day for Learning. Unlike the original album, the songs on this album were taken from Spanish recordings of songs from Barney Home Videos and Barney & Friends episodes. It is the seventh Spanish Barney album to have an English counterpart

Track listing

  1. Uno, Dos, Zapato Veloz (Audio taken from Let's Play School)
  2. Me Pongo una Sonrisa (Audio taken from "A Package of Friendship")
  3. Mira Ambos Lados (Audio taken from "Five Kinds of Fun!")
  4. Los Colores Nos Rodean (Audio taken from "A Different Kind of Mystery")
  5. Mis Jeans Azules Son (Audio taken from "Howdy, Friends!")
  6. Mezcla los Colores (Audio taken from Let's Play School)
  7. ¡Un Gran Día Para Contar! (Audio taken from "Count Me In!")
  8. Monedas En Mi Bolsillo (Audio taken from "Pennies, Nickels, Dimes")
  9. ¡Numeros, Numeros! (Audio taken from "Count Me In!")
  10. ¿Por Que? (Audio taken from "Easy, Breezy Day!")
  11. La Biblioteca (Audio taken from "A Very Special Mouse")
  12. ¡Los Libros Son Divertidos! (Audio taken from "Who's Who at the Zoo?")
  13. La Cancion De Salon De Clases (Audio taken from "First Day of School")
  14. El Desfile (Audio taken from Let's Play School])
  15. Aprendo A Deletrear Mi Nombre (Audio taken from "What's in a Name?")
  16. Intenta Y Volver A Intentar (Audio taken from "Easy Does It!")
  17. Hay Site Dias (Audio taken from "Seven Days a Week")
  18. ¡Hoy Podemos Decir! (Audio taken from Let's Play School)
  19. Te Quiero (Audio taken from You Can Be Anything, without Barney's vocals)

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Mexico December 1, 2003 CD HIT • Tycoon
Argentina 2006 HIT • Universal
Various March 9, 2012[2] digital download HIT
April 10, 2020[3] digital download • streaming Mattel • Arts


  • Just like Corre, Brinca, Salta y Canta the album states that production was under David Bernard Wolf. However, none of the songs on this album are under his arrangement. It's a possible goof as the english counterpart was under his arrangements. The songs on this album have the arrangements of Joseph Phillips.