Un Gran Día para Aprender is the Spanish album version of Barney's A Great Day for Learning. Unlike the original album, which was newly recorded, the songs on this album were taken from spanish rerecordings of songs from Barney Home Videos and Barney & Friends episodes.


  1. Uno, Dos, Zapato Veloz (Audio Taken from: Let's Play School)
  2. Me Pongo una Sonrisa (Audio Taken from: A Package of Friendship)
  3. Mira Ambos Lados (Audio Taken from: Five Kinds of Fun!)
  4. Los Colores Nos Rodean (Audio Taken from: A Different Kind of Mystery)
  5. Mis Jeans Azules Son (Audio Taken from: Howdy, Friends!)
  6. Mezcla los Colores (Audio Taken from: Let's Play School)
  7. ¡Un Gran Día Para Contar! (Audio Taken from: Count Me In!)
  8. Monedas En Mi Bolsillo (Audio Taken from: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes)
  9. ¡Numeros, Numeros! (Audio Taken from: Count Me In!)
  10. ¿Por Que? (Audio Taken from: Easy, Breezy Day!)
  11. La Biblioteca (Audio Taken from: A Very Special Mouse)
  12. ¡Los Libros Son Divertidos! (Audio Taken from: Who's Who at the Zoo?)
  13. La Cancion De Salon De Clases (Audio Taken from: First Day of School)
  14. El Desfile (Audio Taken from: Let's Play School)
  15. Aprendo A Deletrear Mi Nombre (Audio Taken from: What's in a Name?)
  16. Intenta Y Volver A Intentar (Audio Taken from: Easy Does It!)
  17. Hay Site Dias (Audio Taken from: Seven Days a Week)
  18. ¡Hoy Podemos Decir! (Audio Taken from: Let's Play School)
  19. Te Quiero (Audio Taken from: You Can Be Anything, without Barney's vocals)