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Barney & Friends Episode
Up, Down and Around!
Season 7, Episode 2
Air date September 3, 2002
Written by Perri Verdino-Gates
Directed by Jim Rowley
Theme Up and Down
Characters Barney
Baby Bop
Tony (debut)
Sarah (debut)
Whitney (debut)
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All Aboard!
Tea-riffic Manners

"Up, Down and Around!" is the second episode from the seventh season of Barney & Friends.


Tony wants to show off his handmade kite - but it doesn't have a string, so the kite isn't ready to fly. When an unexpected breeze blows it high in the treetops, Barney and the kids discuss the ups and downs of getting the kite out of the tree. The kids discover more about what's up and what's down in the world all around them as they sing "Up Is Up and Down Is Down." Playing fun games like London Bridge and I Spy also helps the kids discover more about up, down and all around. Finally, with a great idea from Tony and a little inspiration from Baby Bop, the "The Baby Bop Hop" brings the kite tumbling down from the treetop. Every day can have its ups and downs, but thanks to Barney and his friends, every day can be all around fun for everyone!

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  3. My Kite
  4. Up Is Up and Down Is Down
  5. Way Up in a Tree
  6. London Bridge
  7. The Airplane Song
  8. If All the Raindrops
  9. The Idea Song
  10. The Baby Bop Hop
  11. I Love You

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