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Hey guys! I'm Barneymiller123abc. I'm one of the admins here on the Barney Wiki. I've been on this wiki since about 2015 and I wanna say I became an admin around 2017? I'm not the head honcho around here but, if you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out at all. Have a super-dee-duper day!


Get to know me

  • What's your favorite Barney episode?
  • Are those episodes your favorite Barney videos in general?
    • Nope! My all-time favorite Barney video is Barney's Great Adventure. (FUN FACT: I think it's my favorite movie period lol)
  • Why is Barney's Great Adventure your favorite film?
    • It makes me laugh by the nature of the film, but I love the message of dreams.
  • What's your favorite page(s) on this wiki?
    • Probably the album pages. I'm really proud of my edits and research onto them.
  • What are you working on now?
    • Pretty much the pages that are given little attention, so that would be the albums, books and eventually the video games.