I loved Barney ever since I was very little. I'm trying to make this wiki great with the help of you guys. If I could be an administrator on this wiki, that would be even better! Here is a known list of working titles for Barney episodes and videos.

  1. The Case of the Mysterious Visitor
  2. The Holiday Show
  3. Ready...Set...Create!
  4. Super-dee-Duper Circus
  5. Barney's When You Grow Up...
  6. Barney's Wheels, Wings & Waves
  7. On The Right Track
  8. Non-Stop Fun!
  9. Yellow is the Color!
  10. Exercise Is Fun!
  11. Horns A'Plenty!
  12. Let's Be Friends!
  13. Numbers Are a Breeze!
  14. In and Out!
  15. Fun Springing Up All Over!
  16. Boo Boo Bop!
  17. Wheels of Fun
  18. We're A Happy Family
  19. Water, Water Everywhere
  20. A Totally Awesome House
  21. Trying on Dreams
  22. Barney's Musical Countdown

I am also always looking for rare Barney tapes, especially the screening copies. You are probably wondering why I want to find Barney screener tapes. Well, it's because sometimes there are different things on some of them that are not on the official copies.

Here are a few Barney tapes that I want to get sometime if I can find them for a good price.

In fact, here's what the labels look like on some of them (including two of the ones that I already have):

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Check out these cool behind the scenes photos and pictures of some of the wonderful sets that they used!

Here's my gallery of title cards from the Barney franchise.

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