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Movimationguy Movimationguy 16 September 2016

Should we expect anything new to come next year?

Last year, they announced that 9Story Media would reboot Barney for 2017, less than a year away. Ever since, though, the company has given no updates on what was to become of Barney and this makes it seem almost unlikely that the reboot will actually air when it was announced. What do you think?

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Movimationguy Movimationguy 24 July 2016

Did You Know That...

According to a recent interview with Stephen White, when he joined Barney & Friends during production on Season 1, there were three other costumed characters to be on the show alongside Barney and Baby Bop, which included a reggae-calypso chicken, a western-country cow, and a frog modeled after the Big Bopper Chantilly Lace (popular in the 1950's). Kind of a strange idea, isn't it? These would eventually be degraded to puppets before being entirely removed from the show due to production struggles.

In addition, he felt that the show was missing the kind of humor that could reach out to a wider audience, so in earlier scripts he tried to incorporate that. For instance, when writing Playing It Safe, for the scene where Barney gets the cardboar…

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Movimationguy Movimationguy 15 February 2016

Has anyone tried making their BYG Dolls yet?

Remember that last blog I made that showed you how to make your own BYG Barney Dolls? Since I posted it, it's only gotten five comments but I suppose that some of you may have tried it within the week since I posted it. If so, would any of you post yours in the comment section? I'd love to see how you did.

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Movimationguy Movimationguy 7 February 2016

Make Your Own BYG Doll

Remember the blog post I made containing this BYG Doll Replica I made? Well now you can make one too, maybe even bigger than mine. Maybe even as big as the real one. Everything you need to know is right here in the link below. It will take you to the page containing the link to open the instructions via PDF file. I posted mine on Instagram and one viewer asked for it, so I knew everyone else might want one too. Open the link for the ingredients to the doll of your dreams:

Hope it helps.

Happy Making!

Movimationguy (talk) 01:49, February 7, 2016 (UTC)Movimationguy

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Movimationguy Movimationguy 26 January 2016

Should there be separate articles for these?

This goes in regards to the the Barney Mobile article.

Why are Barney's cars from Are We There Yet? and On the Road Again listed on the article in the same category? The former car wasn't given this name and the car in Barney's Big Surprise is a completely different vehicle, not to mention that the first car was made by the kids out of secondhand material while the second was clearly a real seemingly professional vehicle. Also, the third car wasn't an actual vehicle, it was only a playset for the kids.

Because of this, shouldn't these vehicles all have separate articles?

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