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Hi, welcome to Barney Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Barney Says page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! SonicHOG (talk) 17:13, October 9, 2015 (UTC)

Will you PLEASE stop?

Please stop doing unneeded editing in the song articles or else you are gonna get some consequences. --Rodney16 (talk) 08:52, January 2, 2017 (UTC)

Revisions Made to Songs

Hey Ms354494! Thank you so much for your contributions to the many songs here on the Barney wiki. It's much appreciated that you want to help, but kind of unnecessary. I see what you're trying to do, but we want everyone to know that these songs are used in particular things. Again thank you so much again, but could you dial back a bit on the unneeded revisions :)?, that would be lovely. Again Have a super-dee-duper day! :) Barneymiller123abc (talk) 01:23, January 20, 2017 (UTC)