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We're All Friends
Debuted in I Love My Friends
Where The Wind Takes Us
The Can Can Song

We're All Friends is an original Barney song that first appeared in the new content of "I Love My Friends".


Barum, Barum
We're best friends! (Doo-wop.)
Yes, we're best friends! (Shooby doo-wop bop!)
(Barum.) No matter the weather, we're gonna stick together.
Yes, we're best friends! (mmm, yeah)
Through thick and thin, (Doo-di-doo-wop-wop)
We're good friends (Doo-wop-wa-oo! Barum, barum)
Wherever you go, I want you to know
you're my best friend. (Oh, yeah)
And if you call out my name... (My name)
Yes, you know I'll be right there (Right there)
to brighten up your day
and show you I care!
I care
I care! (Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum)
We care!
We're all friends! (Doo-di-doo-wop. Shoo-bop)
Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum. Doo-wop!