What Can It Be?
What can it be early cover
Author Stephen White
Illustrator Chris Sharp & David McGlothlin
Publication date July 21, 1994
Published by Barney Publishing
Publication Order
Preceded by
Baby Bop Goes to School
Followed by
Barney's Wonderful Winter Day
What Can It Be? is a Barney book that was released on July 21, 1994.


Can imagination help solve a mystery? Imaginations of young readers will be stimulated as they read this story about Baby Bop and her brother BJ trying to find a mysterious animal in the forest. As clues add up, Baby Bop imagines an increasingly fanciful creature until Barney solves the mystery with his own surprise.




What can it be early cover

Early Edition 1994

S-l1600 (9)

Book with Cassette Tape

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