Whitney is a character in that appeared in Season 7-9 of Barney & Friends. She was played by Kayla S. Levels.


Whitney lives with her parents and grandparents. Her favorite color is red.


Season 7

  1. Up, Down and Around! (first appearance)
  2. Bunches of Boxes
  3. Play for Exercise!
  4. Numbers! Numbers!
  5. Play It Safe!
  6. Three Lines, Three Corners
  7. It's a Happy Day!
  8. My Family and Me

Season 8

  1. A Fountain of Fun
  2. Here Kitty, Kitty!
  3. It's Hot! It's Cold!
  4. Day and Night
  5. A-Counting We Will Go!
  6. A World of Friends
  7. That Makes Me Mad!
  8. It's Your Birthday, Barney! (cameo)
  9. It's Showtime!

Season 9

  1. Everybody's Got Feelings
  2. Caring Hearts
  3. Imagine That!
  4. All About Me
  5. My Baby Brother
  6. Ready, Set, Play!
  7. Coming On Strong
  8. Let's Play Games!
  9. A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes
  10. Easy as ABC
  11. Making a Move!
  12. Home, Safe Home

Home Videos

  1. Storytime with Barney
  2. Read with Me, Dance with Me
  3. Barney's Best Manners: Your Invitation To Fun!
  4. Happy Mad Silly Sad: Putting a Face to Feelings
  5. Let's Pretend with Barney
  6. Now I Know My ABCs
  7. Everyone Is Special (Last Appearance)



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