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"You Can Do It!" is the seventeenth episode from the sixth season of Barney & Friends


Barney and the children are playing jump rope. Baby Bop arrives and is having a hard time getting the rhythm of the game; she just keeps getting caught up in the rope. Discouraged, Baby Bop is convinced she can't do much at all because she is too little. Through various games and activities, Barney and the kids assure Baby Bop that she's learning to do something new every day.


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Taking Turns"
  3. "Growing Big and Tall"
  4. "Riding on a Bike"
  5. "Try and Try Again"
  6. "When I Grow Up"
  7. "Home on the Range"
  8. "The Baby Bop Hop"
  9. "By Myself"
  10. "I Love You"



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